Virtual Museum Canada

cover image from Mennonite Memories of Pelee Island online exhibit
When the Essex-Kent Mennonite Historical Association received a grant to create a virtual museum exhibit about the history of Mennonites on Pelee Island, Ontario, from 1925-1950, they hired me because I offered a combination of technical expertise and a background in Pelee Island’s social history.

Volunteers collected photos from families near and far, and two local teens recorded interviews with community members as they browsed the photos.

My job was organizing and editing the masses of visual, textual, and audio data and using software from the Virtual Museum of Canada at the Canadian Heritage Information Network to create the exhibit. I worked with am currently working with a team of subject experts to review the exhibit content and the site is scheduled to launch sometime in late April 2012 and the site is now live!

Visit Mennonite Memories of Pelee Island, Ontario, 1925-1950.