Cleaning Messy Data

A screenshot of OpenRefine open with many records displayed

In early 2017, I was hired by the Essex-Kent Mennonite Historical Association to recommend and implement a solution to upgrade their collection management system from a home-brewed Microsoft Access database to something easier to work with and maintain. I researched several possibilities appropriate … View Project

3D Printing

3d printed shark clip

I finally had a chance to start experimenting with 3d printing in 2017. I've perfected skimming Thingiverse for things to print and I've got the hang of slicing and generating support material, brims, and G-code. Waiting is hard and the whole thing can get pretty frustrating when prints fail - … View Project

Transcribing Oral History

Screenshot of Breaking the Colour Barrier Interviews available at

I learned a lot about oral history during my Masters project. At that time, I developed my own process for transcribing using Audacity and a plaintext editor; since then I've been hired to help on several academic oral history projects. I've left Audacity behind, and switched to using a … View Project

Digitizing Texts

Screenshot of EKMHA's online repository at

In late 2016, I was hired by the Essex-Kent Mennonite Historical Association to begin digitizing their collection to share online. After some copyright research and consultation with the Archives volunteers, we set a priority list and established a place to begin. The group has published 14 books … View Project

Raspberry Pi Museum Kiosk

Raspberry Pi microcomputer with flashdrive installed

I got the idea for the kiosk from this tutorial about creating digital signage with WordPress and a Raspberry Pi, but felt like WordPress was more than I needed for the project I had in mind. Instead, this Pi runs feh, a command line image viewer and cataloguer. Images are loaded onto a USB … View Project

Muckle Ado – the blog

Screenshot of's home page on May 19, 2012

Robbie Burns knew about having a lot to do - which is what the Boat Song is all about. To have muckle ado is to have much to do and this makes it a fitting title for a blog. Muckle Ado starts with posts from 2005 when I started blogging for undergraduate assignments, carries through to my graduation … View Project

Virtual Museum Canada

cover image from Mennonite Memories of Pelee Island online exhibit

When the Essex-Kent Mennonite Historical Association received a grant to create a virtual museum exhibit about the history of Mennonites on Pelee Island, Ontario, from 1925-1950, they hired me because I offered a combination of technical expertise and a background in Pelee Island's social … View Project

ProfHacker OpenSearch Plugin

Firefox search options in a drop down menu

I’ve been a regular reader of ProfHacker since its launch (i.e. before it moved to the Chronicle of Higher Education Blogs). The tips and tutorials are helpful – and usually timely. I found the site so useful that I was constantly sharing links with colleagues, but I'd accumulated so many bookmarks … View Project

Hacking Wearables

a felt bracelet with a circuit sewn with conductive thread which lights a small LED bulb

In 2010, I went to the Great Lakes THATCamp and was able to attend a "Hacking Wearables" workshop with Bethany Nowviskie and Bill Turkel and I made a bracelet. It's hand-sewn out of felt, with various crisscrossing bits of fabric and French knots. A circuit sewn with conductive thread connects the … View Project

University of Windsor Feminist Research Group

a mosaic of the 2009 FRG conference. There are people presenting at lecterns, sitting on the grass, chatting, singing and playing guitar

I've been a member of the University of Windsor Feminist Research Group (FRG) since 2005. The group's founding focus was an annual conference, organized by and for graduate students. The first year I submitted my submission was...slightly I was invited to present "Ladies' Tea: the Board … View Project