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Candace Nast, 2011. closeup of face, wearing a hoodie and brightly coloured scarf

Watching the sunrise on Mt. Haleakala.

My name is Candace Nast and I’m a digital projects specialist.

I use technology to make things, solve problems, and organize, archive, or share information. I specialize in projects related heritage, geo, and teaching and learning and I’ve worked with organizations, academics, and small businesses.

Among my favourite tools are WordPress and Omeka, and I also help others choose and use appropriate technology more efficiently and effectively. I facilitate a lot of workshops. Lately, I’ve been helping people use Google Apps in teaching and learning.

I have a graduate degree in History (ask me about the history of childbirth in Canada, women’s friendships, or Pelee Island, Ontario) and an undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies with a minor in Applied Information Technology (ask me about geek feminism).

I’m available for small and large projects and would love to hear about full-time digital curator/educator gigs with heritage organizations.

My recent past:

From 2003 to 2007, I was a full-time undergraduate student, majoring in Women’s Studies with minors in Applied Information Technology and History. In 2009 I graduated with an M.A. in History. My major paper was based on the oral histories of women who experienced the transition from island homebirth to mainland hospital birth on Pelee Island, Ontario in the mid-twentieth century. These women didn’t have indoor plumbing or electricity until decades after this was common on the mainland and Pelee Island was cut off from the mainland as long as Lake Erie was frozen — usually from November to April.

In 2010, I declined admission to a History PhD program, and since then have been pursuing an alternative academic career as a digital projects consultant, especially focused on online museums. I’ve done some teaching as a sessional (adjunct) instructor in History and Women’s Studies, and I coordinate professional development opportunities for undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants in the Centre for Teaching and Learning.