Teaching and Learning

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Read my teaching philosophy. Jump to my teaching experience. Teaching Philosophy We begin from where we are. Each student enters the classroom with experiences, knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions. As a teacher, it is my role—and my challenge—to create learning opportunities that … View Project

Mapping Community Assets: Learning by doing

University of Windsor Social Work students have agency placements in their senior year, where they gain experience in the field and make community connections. Each student brings enthusiasm and unique skills to their organization. Take Lillian Gallant for example: her placement was been at the Ford … View Project

Spicy Nodes for Active Learning

Spicy Nodes for Active Learning

I love trying out new (to me) tools for teaching and learning. I was looking for a way to model "Active Learning" -- this idea that students learn when they're engaged in the process of learning. I found "Spicy Nodes" and voilà: a visualization of active learning was born. Click on the various … View Project

Mapping with kids

map of North America

On Friday nights while my middle kid practices with his soccer team, my youngest and I go to the nearby coffee shop and work on code. He's 10 years old. Our first project was a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure program in Python, then we moved to a random generator (again in Python), and last night he … View Project

Mapping the City of Windsor’s Open Data

This map uses open data from the City of Windsor Open Data Catalogue. If you're interested in the process used to make this map I've included step-by-steps at the bottom of the page. Drag and zoom to explore. Key to icons: Large red = Community Centres Large purple = … View Project